Festival Fashion Favourites

By Olivia Rooney, Contributor So it’s almost that most wonderful time of the year again; festival season! While everyone is cramming information and frantically typing assignments and dissertations over the Easter break, we at The Gown thought it was a good idea to compile a list of this season’s best festival fashion fixes – justContinue reading “Festival Fashion Favourites”

Autumnal attire: the staples

By Erin Harris, Contributor Winter is just around the corner and so are the dark nights, gingerbread lattes and of course the cosy clothes! This autumn/winter season is mainly focused on neutrals and textures, with favourites amongst the shops being faux fur jackets, teddy and cocoon coats. The camel teddy coat is a particularly gorgeous option for youContinue reading “Autumnal attire: the staples”

Bum-bags, Scrunchies and Jelly Sandals – the 90’s Haven’t Gone Away, You Know…

by Leah Johnston History has a tendency of repeating itself when it comes to fashion trends, and this year the nineties babies are getting a blast from the past. As a decade of experimentation in technology, fashion and music, the nineties were highly influential on our popular culture. Sporting the likes of the ‘Spice Girls’, ‘Britney Spears’ (andContinue reading “Bum-bags, Scrunchies and Jelly Sandals – the 90’s Haven’t Gone Away, You Know…”