The Harry & Meghan Show: Racism In Royalty?

Aidan Lomas provides his take on the explosive interview in which the Sussex’s laid bare the strains and divisions which propelled them to leave Royal duties in March 2020. The impact of their testimony to US celebrity chat show host has been far-reaching and damaging.

QUB: NI Students To Receive Covid Disruption Payment By End of March

Following an email communication circular on Thursday, 4th March, eligible Queen’s students are set to receive the one-off £500 COVID Disruption payment by the end of March.

The Secondary Victims of the Pandemic

Ben Gray, QUB Student and part-time NHS worker It is often the personal stories, behind the daily headlines of Coronavirus statistics , which get lost. Almost one year on since the commencement of the Coronavirus got its grip on the world, it has taken over 2 million lives in its deadly wake. Prime Minister BorisContinue reading “The Secondary Victims of the Pandemic”

Vaccinate or not Vaccinate? That is the question.

In a world of misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories, anti-vaccination messages have found conducive conditions on the worldwide web to spread their messages. Only a firm inter-governmental, multi-national effort can stem the flow of such damaging information, against a vaccine which is designed to combat a deadly adversary which has taken the lives of over 2 million worldwide.

Final Editorial of 2020: Where do we start and go from here?

Peter Donnelly, Editor 2020. Where do we start? In a year which saw Coronavirus engulf all aspects of normality in its deadly grip. In this final editorial, Peter Donnelly revisits some of the moments and events, both at home and abroad, and provides his thoughts on a year which struck an immensely somber tone forContinue reading “Final Editorial of 2020: Where do we start and go from here?”