Students’ Unions Questions: What Do Northern Ireland’s Students’ Representatives Have To Say?

Editor-in-Chief, Aidan Lomas, reports on the lack of leadership from QUBSU and UUSU in the run up to strike action balloting this month.

Dominic Cummings BBC interview: The ‘be all and end all’ performance?

Peter Donnelly notes the dynamics at play in Dominic Cummings’ latest public attack on the Government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. As far as Cummings is concerned the “be all and end all” is yet to come.

The Gown Northern Ireland Centenary Interviews: The Present & Future

Aidan Lomas May 3rd 2021 marks one hundred years since Northern Ireland pressed itself into the fabric of the world. And to the day one hundred years on it still exists, yet its future still remains uncertain. The Government of Ireland Act 1920 will go down as one of the most important, pieces of legislationContinue reading “The Gown Northern Ireland Centenary Interviews: The Present & Future”

The Harry & Meghan Show: Racism In Royalty?

Aidan Lomas provides his take on the explosive interview in which the Sussex’s laid bare the strains and divisions which propelled them to leave Royal duties in March 2020. The impact of their testimony to US celebrity chat show host has been far-reaching and damaging.