Edwin Poots: A Profile of the new DUP leader

Aidan Lomas Almost one week on from Edwin Poots’ dramatic accession to the DUP leadership, many still find themselves in the limbo land of wondering who the man exactly is. A long-term frontline Northern Irish politician, Mr Poots has been engaged in public service since the 1990s. With him being the first elected leader ofContinue reading “Edwin Poots: A Profile of the new DUP leader”

The Gown Northern Ireland Centenary Interviews: The Present & Future

Aidan Lomas May 3rd 2021 marks one hundred years since Northern Ireland pressed itself into the fabric of the world. And to the day one hundred years on it still exists, yet its future still remains uncertain. The Government of Ireland Act 1920 will go down as one of the most important, pieces of legislationContinue reading “The Gown Northern Ireland Centenary Interviews: The Present & Future”

Editorial: Arlene Foster’s Resignation as DUP leader and NI First Minister, makes for an uncertain near future

Discontent within mainstreasm unionism with the DUP leadership was widely known of. Yet the rapidity and suddenness with which Mrs. Foster’s leadership of the DUP and indeed of Northern Ireland was ended, within the space of 24 hours, was something of a story in and of itself. Editor Peter Donnelly offers a reflection on the week since Monday 26th April which would mark the beginning of the end for Mrs. Foster’s political tenure.

Queen’s University Lead Multidisciplinary Effort To Examine The Centenary of Irish Partition

Queen’s University, Belfast recently revealed their plans examining the multi-faceted impact of the partition of Ireland in that event’s centenary year. The series of talks, named ‘The Partition of Ireland: Causes and Consequences’ will feature prominent academics from and associated with the University. Editor, Peter Donnelly writes.

Claire Byrne United Ireland Debate: What Was The Point?

The Claire Byrne Live debate on RTÉ One earlier in March was controversial for numerous, not least the on-air silencing of outspoken sports ccommentator Joe Brolly. Daire McHugh reviews the seconds-long showdown.