Queen’s University Lead Multidisciplinary Effort To Examine The Centenary of Irish Partition

Queen’s University, Belfast recently revealed their plans examining the multi-faceted impact of the partition of Ireland in that event’s centenary year. The series of talks, named ‘The Partition of Ireland: Causes and Consequences’ will feature prominent academics from and associated with the University. Editor, Peter Donnelly writes.

Claire Byrne United Ireland Debate: What Was The Point?

The Claire Byrne Live debate on RTÉ One earlier in March was controversial for numerous, not least the on-air silencing of outspoken sports ccommentator Joe Brolly. Daire McHugh reviews the seconds-long showdown.


Situated along the frontier lines dividing England and Wales lies Britain’s most politically radical urban city – Bristol. It has become one of the UK’s most politically aware and active cities. Events which happened in the City over the past twelve months serve to reinforce this view, as explored by Garrett Byrne.

One in Seven Rape Victims Expect Justice – What Went Wrong?

Of 500 survivors of rape only 14% believe they will receive justice. Ellen Kearney discusses these problems when the issue of women’s rights are at the fore of public discourse.

Opinion: DUP Leads The Crusade To Abandon The NI Protocol

NI Post-Brexit Protocol Fiasco: Unionists call for a binning of the NI Protocol; Nationalists and Alliance want it to remain. This is Northern Irish politics. Aidan Lomas writes ‘forget your Bloodlands, it’s Stormont’s time in the dramatic spotlight.’