On The Cusp of 100: The Government of Ireland Act 1920, Partition and Northern Ireland

One hundred years ago in December 1920, The Government of Ireland Act received Royal Assent confirming the partition of Ireland into Northern and Southern regions. The Act gave way to watershed constitutional, political, economic and social changes. It is our living history and heritage.

New Tribute Remembers QUB Lecturer Edgar Graham

Queen’s University students and the Troubles’ victims group SEFF have joined together to produce a new video in tribute to Edgar Graham BL, QUB law lecturer and UUP politician, who was murdered in 1983.

Obituary: Lord Kerr, Distinguished Judge and Queen’s University Graduate

To mark the news of former Supreme Court justice, Lord Kerr’s passing, The Gown pays tribute to this esteemed alumnus of Queen’s University and the
indelible impression he has made on the legal landscapes of the UK, Ireland and the Commonwealth.