Letter: It is time to update Northern Ireland’s Abortion Laws

Lauran Kilmartin, Contributor.  After seeking help for her daughter, a mother was forced to appear in court because of Northern Ireland’s outdated and inhumane laws related to abortion services. She potentially faces a criminal trial under the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act, for trying to provide what should be basic healthcare for her daughter trapped in an abusiveContinue reading “Letter: It is time to update Northern Ireland’s Abortion Laws”

The Need to Speak Irish Now is Greater than Ever

Aodhán Ó Baoill, Opinions Editor Opportunities for Irish speakers are growing; there is little doubt about it. Once upon a time, the only career opportunity after studying Irish at University was pursuing a career in teaching. Things could not be more different now, however. Chances for Gaeilgeoirí round Belfast alone are through the roof. RaidioContinue reading “The Need to Speak Irish Now is Greater than Ever”

Exploitation of Gaza by Stealth: The Roots of Zionism

The Jewish National Fund was establish by the Zionist World Organisation in 1901 to buy land in Palestine to be used for the colonisation of Palestine by stealth – its objective to buy land from absentee Turkish landlords and establish co-operatives farms, building a Zionist presence on the ground.

Has “Battle” Commenced, or Will it be a Mild Skirmish?

Featured Image Courtesy of The Ulster Fry By Séamus O’Kane   The UUP were the first to jump from the sinking ship with Mike Nesbitt exclaiming across the Assembly chamber, “Let battle commence!” We can only hope that the terminology of war does not come to define the new opposition in later weeks. The SDLPContinue reading “Has “Battle” Commenced, or Will it be a Mild Skirmish?”

Thinking Outside the Application Form: Teaching in Hong Kong with Chatteris

  by Kerry Nesbitt If you’re in your final year of University right now, perhaps you are getting tired of filling in tedious application forms, attending the odd and intimating interview and receiving numerous soul-destroying rejection letters. This is an experience that I now remember all too well. After receiving another such letter back inContinue reading “Thinking Outside the Application Form: Teaching in Hong Kong with Chatteris”