The Protocol Negotiations: Many Lanes Ahead in this Brexit Story

By Peter Donnelly Three weeks have been and gone since reports, which were first muted in The Times, emerged that a settlement on the Northern Ireland Protocol had, after almost two years, been reached. The negotiating teams for the EU Commission and the UK Government were said to be on the cusp of an agreementContinue reading “The Protocol Negotiations: Many Lanes Ahead in this Brexit Story”

In Support of Protestants Studying Irish

Our new Irish Language Editor, Jacqueline Bonner, pens her first piece for the Gown about why learning Irish Language needs to be more accessible

FEATURE: The Writing is on the Wall – The Good Friday Agreement is a Busted Flush

Garrett Byrne writes on the political situation in Northern Ireland, discussing the Good Friday Agreement and last weeks elections.

Irresponsible wildfires threaten the fabric of NI’s nature scene

Deputy & Environmental Editor, Fleur Howe, reports on the detrimental and reckless gorse fires which damaged the Mourne Mountains and Cavehill