Meeting the future of Irish Labour – a conversation with Hugh Murphy.

From all things politics to his favourite book or film, Political Editor Edward Ferrin introduces us to Irish Labour’s new Youth Chairperson – Hugh Murphy.

Dominic Cummings BBC interview: The ‘be all and end all’ performance?

Peter Donnelly notes the dynamics at play in Dominic Cummings’ latest public attack on the Government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. As far as Cummings is concerned the “be all and end all” is yet to come.

ARINS: A View To Ireland’s Future

Peter Donnelly, Editor The Royal Irish Academy’s inter-disciplinary and cross-sector project Analysing and Researching Ireland North and South (ARINS) is examining the crucial constitutional, political, social and economic issues affecting Ireland, north and south, with a keen eye to events which inevtiably face society in the future. Launched in January 2021, ARINS is a multi-disciplinaryContinue reading “ARINS: A View To Ireland’s Future”