Feature: Euros 2020 should serve as a reminder to appreciate what we have and can do with a working system and cleansed mindset

In this feature Rory Morrow examines the transforming influence the year late 2020 Euros had on public morale after 18 months of public halth restrictions. The weird, the wonderful, the good and not so all feature in this piece.

Queen’s University Lead Multidisciplinary Effort To Examine The Centenary of Irish Partition

Queen’s University, Belfast recently revealed their plans examining the multi-faceted impact of the partition of Ireland in that event’s centenary year. The series of talks, named ‘The Partition of Ireland: Causes and Consequences’ will feature prominent academics from and associated with the University. Editor, Peter Donnelly writes.

University retains no information on non-students: Queen’s

266 Queen’s students have also been suspended since August 2020 Peter Donnelly, Editor Queen’s University has said that that the University “does not retain any information on non-students” following the announcement that it was working in partnership with public agencies, including the Police, to ensure that students who breach Coronavirus Regulations are also internally sanctioned.Continue reading “University retains no information on non-students: Queen’s”

QUB: NI Students To Receive Covid Disruption Payment By End of March

Following an email communication circular on Thursday, 4th March, eligible Queen’s students are set to receive the one-off £500 COVID Disruption payment by the end of March.


The Gown features our final candidate, Megan Stith who is running for the position of Postgraduate Officer in the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year.