An End to Free Covid-19 Testing in Northern Ireland?

Current Affairs Editor Sean Mulryan reports on Northern Ireland’s progression out of the COVID-19 pandemic and back to normality.

The Graticule Resurrected And Rearing To Go With All Things Geography

The Graticule, the resident student geography publication, once decked the student’s union and the hallways of Queen’s University. Now over a decade since it was last seen on campus Geography society members have resurrected the title for a new online platform focused on all things geography and environment related.

Vaccinate or not Vaccinate? That is the question.

In a world of misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories, anti-vaccination messages have found conducive conditions on the worldwide web to spread their messages. Only a firm inter-governmental, multi-national effort can stem the flow of such damaging information, against a vaccine which is designed to combat a deadly adversary which has taken the lives of over 2 million worldwide.

QUB launches asymptomatic testing pilot programme: What does this mean for students?

Queen’s University launched an on-campus asymptomatic testing pilot programme, which on Monday 23rd November. This initiative comes at a crucial point in term, in that it will provide students who have remained on campus throughout the semester and who show no symptoms of the virus, with the reassurance of a negative test before they return home for Christmas. Abby Wallace Features Editor writes

Climate Emergency: SU Votes for Carbon-Neutral Campus

Conor Reid, Contributor. Last Monday, Queen’s University’s Students’ Union held a council meeting and passed a motion to enact a Climate Emergency. This motion signifies a commitment on behalf of QUBSU to work towards the university achieving a ‘net-zero’ result in its carbon emissions, in all of its activities, by the year 2030. To meetContinue reading “Climate Emergency: SU Votes for Carbon-Neutral Campus”