Scotland by Night

Hudson Greig, Contributor.    Two dormice curled in duvet nests, Bleary-eyed listeners watching droplets race Sideways, through streaks of orange light; Tears on the face of the following moon. Laundered pyjamas and pale feet Warmed like toast by dry-eye heaters. Legs to chest, curled into the arm rest For fear of falling, afraid of theContinue reading “Scotland by Night”

The Flowerbed

Hannah Loughran, Contributor.    There are caterpillars in London’s streets. They are drawn to the petals of King’s Cross, the bloom of Bakerloo and Kensington, the nectar of Piccadilly Circus. By night, or in cold weather one will see them pupa-bound, taking safety in their chrysalis of old sleeping bag or wet cardboard, which usedContinue reading “The Flowerbed”