Anna Royle’s First Creative Writing Piece for the Gown Newspaper: Awake.

TRIGGER WARNING: Themes of Suicide

The Dark Lord (Short Story)

Olcan McSparron, Contributor. It was midday. Isaac Hoffman sat backstage at the International Conference on Long-Term Geopolitics and Social Trends, gin and tonic in one hand and speech in the other. He read over it one last time before facing the crowd. Isaac was 28, young for his age and an extraordinarily well-respected academic. HeContinue reading “The Dark Lord (Short Story)”

The Killing of John Smith (Short Story)

Niamh Busby, Contributor. I. He finds the book half wedged between a crumpled Kerouac and a water-swollen Christie in the 25¢ box. Pulling it into his hands, he traces an absent finger over the dog-eared cover. The Killing of John Smith. Dark ominous eyes stare back at him, the glint of a knife in someone’sContinue reading “The Killing of John Smith (Short Story)”