“The Right Leadership” – Kevin ’07 and the 2007 Australian Election.

Edward Ferrin highlights the 15th anniversary of the 2007 Australian Federal Election.

Opinion Piece: Stormont is the problem to all our answers.

In this Opinion Piece, Edward Ferrin berates the politicians over the lack of progress for the future.

“It’s time for Jeffrey Donaldson, Naomi Long, Doug Beattie, Colum Eastwood and Michelle O’Neill to stand up and do their job – use your power to build the best this place has to offer!”

Another Election? Seriously?

By Edward Ferrin, Chief Stormont Correspondent… The new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has kept Chris Heaton-Harris and Steve Baker in the Northern Ireland Office. The Secretary of State now has little time left before he is legally obliged to call another Assembly election. The Alliance Party is calling the Assembly to the chamber today toContinue reading “Another Election? Seriously?”