Our Team

In our 66 year history, the Gown has changed hands many times. Here, you can find our 2021-22 team. Additionally, if any vacancies open, you can also find them here.

The Gown 2021-2022 Team

Editor-in-ChiefAidan Lomas
Deputy & Sports EditorRory Morrow
Environmental EditorFleur Howe
Business and Economics Editor / Chief Stormont CorrespondentEdward Ferrin
Political EditorLuke Tinsley
Ink Pot / Creative Writing EditorAnna Royle
Current Affairs EditorSean Mulryan
International Affairs EditorEleanor Fletcher
Arts & Entertainment EditorAlexandra Rosbotham
Ireland Columnist Matthew Cullen
If you wish to join the Gown’s senior team for 2021-2022, email us at the.gown@outlook.com


Open PositionAvailable To
Irish Language EditorIrish Language Speakers
Ulster-Scots Language EditorUlster-Scots Langauge Speakers
If your desired role is not available, or is presently occupied, please contact the.gown@outlook.com and we may be able to fit you in.