Album Review: The Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots (Big Machine Records, 2016)

Rhonda Mayne, contributor. When ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine states that, ‘The Cadillac Three’ are “poised for their first big break in the UK”, it must be easy for Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray to sense that they have opened the door to the heart of country music. In attempting to do so, their latestContinue reading “Album Review: The Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots (Big Machine Records, 2016)”

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Nick Cave – Push the Sky Away (Bad Seed Ltd; 2013)

BY CATHAL DELEA All tailored suit and slit-throats, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are back after an over-long absence, sans Mick Harvey, and with an altar offering in Push the Sky Away. At fifty-five Cave is getting into dangerous territory; by rights he should’ve went to seed long ago; retired the Saville Row tailoringContinue reading “ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Nick Cave – Push the Sky Away (Bad Seed Ltd; 2013)”

Album Review: Biffy Clyro – Opposites (14th Floor; 2013)

BY BEN WHITTINGTON Opposites is a surprise. It appears to be an album that has not been written with radio hits in mind by people with money signs for eyes. The music is refreshing, not because it is particularly brilliant, because it isn’t, but because it is unrestrained and unafraid. Like a runaway steam trainContinue reading “Album Review: Biffy Clyro – Opposites (14th Floor; 2013)”

Album Review/Preview: Keaton Henson – Dear…/Birthdays (Motive Sounds; 2010/13)

BY DARREN McCULLINS One of music’s great challenges is to create an album that on the surface can be perceived as wry and low key, and yet contain optimum power.  Yet, somehow, the reluctant Keaton Henson has done it. If ever a work can be described as an enigma, his debut album Dear.. is it.Continue reading “Album Review/Preview: Keaton Henson – Dear…/Birthdays (Motive Sounds; 2010/13)”

Album Review: Trichotomy – Fact Finding Mission (Naim Jazz, 2013)

BY HAYLEY GAULT As a complete jazz novice, I was pleasantly surprised with the musical offering of Australian band, Trichotomy. The band collaborate with a range of artists and soundscapes on their new album, Fact Finding Mission, released on the 4th February by Naim Jazz. The jazz trio – comprised of a pianist, percussionist andContinue reading “Album Review: Trichotomy – Fact Finding Mission (Naim Jazz, 2013)”