The Pigeon Detectives to Release New Album “Broken Glances” with Accompanying UK Tour

Leeds indie rock group The Pigeon Detectives have returned once again with their stunning fifth record, Broken Glances, to be released on 24th February this year. As a hint at what is to come, the band have released the single “Lose Control”.

GIG REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World, The Limelight (Tuesday, 8th November)

The entire night was an ebb and flow affair and while the band themselves were on form, performing a mix of old and new hits with the staging and lights complimenting the rhythm, the real game changer came during, ‘Pass the Baby’ and surprisingly not during ‘Bleed American’ which came immediately before it.

Gig Review: We Are Scientists, Limelight 2 (Sunday 23rd September)

The charismatic duo distinguish their shows with perfectly timed crowd banter and sarcastic wit, and didn’t disappoint in their Belfast gig. With a little help from Keith Murray’s unstoppable energy, jumping into the crowd and blasting out ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’, the two had fun onstage with mic distortions and their comedic back and forth had the crowd crying with laughter.

Album Review: Ed Harcourt – Furnaces (Polydor Records, 2016)

The fact that most of the instruments you hear played throughout the album were played by Ed himself is fascinating and really showcases his talent as a musician, but despite this the album simply doesn’t live up to its potential.