“Am I a joke to you?”: Joker Review

Sam Farrell, Arts & Entertainment Editor. Just as the song goes, “Clowns to the left of me / Jokers to the right” – it seems somewhat fitting for what film fanatics must be feeling as we are truly in the spooky season of October. Most of us have probably seen the highly anticipated IT ChapterContinue reading ““Am I a joke to you?”: Joker Review”

Film Review : Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

BY PETER MCLOUGHLIN The Dark Knight Rises is a typical disaster film in many ways: the screen-play is clichéd and bland; the plot is a bizarre pit of thrown together ideas (reference intended), and melodrama is heaped on in great graceless loads.  Also, like a typical disaster film, it looks great – at times perfectlyContinue reading “Film Review : Batman – The Dark Knight Rises”