Film Review : The Three Stooges (2012)

Matthew Law No one would ever be able to successfully remake the comedy classics from innovators such as The Marx Brothers or Laurel and Hardy. So the idea that the Farrelly brothers thought The Three Stooges – one of the most popular North American television shows ever – could be successfully re-imagined seems absurd. TheContinue reading “Film Review : The Three Stooges (2012)”

Film Review : Dredd (2012)

By Paul McAlorum From the opening moments it is clear that Dredd is not like the colourful box-office friendly films that have dominated summer 2012. Within seconds we are thrust into a seedy, crime-ridden world, an urban jungle where endless tower blocks cast a shadow over the streets. The future world of Mega City One makesContinue reading “Film Review : Dredd (2012)”

Concert Review : Ulster Orchestra – Your Starter For 10!

By Peter McLoughlin @PeterGownArts More a pre-season warm up than a full-blooded performance, the Ulster Orchestra’s ‘taster’ concert, Your Starter for 10!, was still an unmitigated success. From the moment the Ulster Orchestra’s conductor, Christopher Bell, walked onto the stage, turned his back to the audience, and swept his arms up in the air; theContinue reading “Concert Review : Ulster Orchestra – Your Starter For 10!”

Album Review : Heathers – Kingdom (Aunthill Records; 2012)

By Christopher Parkhill If you haven’t heard of Dublin duo Heathers yet, don’t expect that to last much longer. Sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara benefited from widespread attention following the inclusion of their hit “Remember When” in a recent Discover Ireland campaign. Much has changed in the four years since their first record, with theContinue reading “Album Review : Heathers – Kingdom (Aunthill Records; 2012)”

Album Review : David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant (4AD; 2012)

By Cathal Delea Despite what Mark Ronson would have you believe, horns aren’t cool. No, horns and in particular the saxophone are the go-to sound of greasy men in 80’s suits and dirty mailmen in pornos, “Hey baby, I’ve got a big package for you.” So when David Byrne of Talking Heads and Annie ClarkContinue reading “Album Review : David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant (4AD; 2012)”