Exclusive : The Gown Sessions: Ryan Annett – Overload

Ryan Annett performing in Musgrave Park, Belfast, in late August 2012, exclusively for the Gown. With Special thanks to Ultan Rooney. Ryan Annett is a nineteen year old singer/ song writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who predominantly plays the acoustic guitar. He has taken part in two music competitions, winning his region in the 2011 RockContinue reading “Exclusive : The Gown Sessions: Ryan Annett – Overload”

Exclusive : The Gown Sessions: Mick Hannaway – Just Want You To Know

Mike Hannaway performing in Botanic Gardens, Belfast, in early August – exclusively for the Gown.     [jwplayer config=”Custom Player 2″ mediaid=”778″]   For more from Mike, visit: http://www.facebook.com/jimmy.eat.mike http://soundcloud.com/michael-alex-hannaway

Interview : Duke Special

BY CATHAL DELEA Peter Wilson, AKA Duke Special, has developed quite a repertoire as an artist.  He has written music for, and appeared in, Deborah Warner’s critically acclaimed production of Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children at the National Theatre in London.  He collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum in New York, writing original songsContinue reading “Interview : Duke Special”

Film Review : The Bourne Legacy

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is an agent of ‘The Program’. A man modified in a project designed to create human beings capable of extraordinary mental and physical feats. Feats that, unfortunately, are better witnessed by watching Matt Damon in what will henceforth be called the “original” Bourne Trilogy. In The Bourne Legacy, Cross is huntedContinue reading “Film Review : The Bourne Legacy”

Film Review : Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

BY PETER MCLOUGHLIN The Dark Knight Rises is a typical disaster film in many ways: the screen-play is clichéd and bland; the plot is a bizarre pit of thrown together ideas (reference intended), and melodrama is heaped on in great graceless loads.  Also, like a typical disaster film, it looks great – at times perfectlyContinue reading “Film Review : Batman – The Dark Knight Rises”