Coronavirus Regulations: The Most Stringent of Interpretations

Peter Donnelly, Opinions Editor. The world has been in the inner clutches of the Covid-19 pandemic for almost four months.  It has not had a precedent or a historical parallel for well-over a century.  It has proven its destructive and indiscriminate credentials with a total of 45,644 deaths across the U.K. and Ireland and wellContinue reading “Coronavirus Regulations: The Most Stringent of Interpretations”

Womenfolk: A Collaboration for Daring Entrepreneurs with Creative Flair

Shauna Graham, Contributor. Womenfolk – a sub-organization of Blick Shared Studios, headed by Christine James – began as a project solely to celebrate female design entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland. The project aims to encourage more women to start up their own design businesses by showcasing the work of local designers in the area. This project wasContinue reading “Womenfolk: A Collaboration for Daring Entrepreneurs with Creative Flair”

Weird Hill: Careerist Album Review

Ben McCarron, Contributor. In terms of up-and-coming bands from Belfast, few have had as much buzz surrounding them as the self-described “idiosyncratic” indie rock trio Careerist. The band, formerly known as Hot Cops, had a slew of releases under their old name, many of which have unfortunately been lost to time. Despite this, their reputationContinue reading “Weird Hill: Careerist Album Review”

In Conversation with Snow Patrol’s Jonny Quinn

Kristen Sinclair, Editor. The Gown chats to Snow Patrol drummer Jonny Quinn about the band’s new Reworked album, sneaking in to the Mandela Hall and false claims on Wikipedia. Getting a thirteen-piece band together to rearrange twenty-five years’ worth of songs for a two-and-a-half-hour set is no mean feat. Incorporating strings, brass, slide guitar andContinue reading “In Conversation with Snow Patrol’s Jonny Quinn”

September 2019 Climate Strike

H. R. Gibs, Contributor. To see a crowd of people marching down Belfast’s Royal Avenue and for it to inspire any feelings of hopefulness is a new and welcome experience. On the opening day of Belfast’s Culture Weekend, an expected 300 students were to take to the streets for the Youth Strike for Climate Change.Continue reading “September 2019 Climate Strike”