Theatre Review: Pride and Prejudice – The Musical at the Lyric Theatre

BY PETER MCGORAN Richard Croxford and Mark Dougherty’s take on one of the most well known and cherished novels in the English language is both ambitious and richly entertaining. And coming in at just over 3 hours in length, it’s a good thing too. From the beginning right up to the final scene, the musicalContinue reading “Theatre Review: Pride and Prejudice – The Musical at the Lyric Theatre”

Gown About Town

BY PETER MCGORAN We know how you’re feeling. You probably had the best summer of your life. You went to all manner of exotic places and had incredible experiences and the idea of going back to the grind of university seems repellent. But don’t despair, Belfast isn’t that bad. In fact, the list of waysContinue reading “Gown About Town”

FEATURE: Shakespeare Across the Divide

BY ROMANO MULLIN When it comes to Shakespeare, the first thought that comes to mind is rarely prison, or for that matter, Northern Ireland’s very own HMP Maghaberry. But it’s just that kind of connection that Belfast’s Educational Shakespeare Company (ESC) seeks to make. By joining the words of one literature’s greatest voices and theContinue reading “FEATURE: Shakespeare Across the Divide”

Feature: Students arm themselves against injustice

  BY MARY CLAYTON There are 639 million small arms and light weapons in the world today; and that number is growing. Alongside other UK groups, Amnesty QUB decided to take action against this global threat and marched to City Hall on 13 March to call on Belfast citizens to support a global Arms Trade Treaty.Continue reading “Feature: Students arm themselves against injustice”

Arts Feature: How to shake off the cold and boredom in Belfast this Easter

By PETER MCLOUGHLIN Happy Easter everyone! We at the Gown understand, implicitly, that one must prioritise discipline in one’s chosen degree to ensure prudent progress in life (the old ‘differed’ rather than ‘immediate’ gratification conundrum).  Yet each and every one of us must occasionally unwind; whether a quiet night in the Movie House, or aContinue reading “Arts Feature: How to shake off the cold and boredom in Belfast this Easter”