When it comes to election messages, Northern Ireland’s politicians are not stupid after all!

Business and Economics Editor / Chief Stormont Correspondent and Deputy Editor, Edward Ferrin, reports on the tactics of voting practices in Northern Ireland.
‘It is not what you want to vote for but what you want to vote against’

Loss of one of Unionism’s future leaders?

The Gown’s newly-appointed, joint Deputy and Politics Editor, Edward Ferrin writes on the future of Jeffrey Donaldson and the DUP following the death of Christopher Stalford

Edwin Poots’ 21-Day Stay as DUP Leader

In what feels like barely a few short seconds since the Gown published its profile on the incumbent Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader, Edwin Poots has resigned his office. Aidan Lomas assesses the current turbulent state of the DUP and Northern Ireland.