FEATURE: The Writing is on the Wall – The Good Friday Agreement is a Busted Flush

Garrett Byrne writes on the political situation in Northern Ireland, discussing the Good Friday Agreement and last weeks elections.

Return to Stormont a Reminder that NI Needs Constant Nurturing

Peter Donnelly, Opinions Editor. It was a surprising development when Secretary of State Julian Smith and Tánaiste Simon Coveney briefed an eager assembly of journalists at the foot of Stormont last Thursday to announce that a deal had been reached for the proposed return to devolution in Northern Ireland. In the firm grip of bothContinue reading “Return to Stormont a Reminder that NI Needs Constant Nurturing”

NUS-USI QUBSU Election Blooper

BY MEGAN LIDDY AND FIACHRA O’MAOLCRAOIBHE On Monday night, the evening before polling began, avid social media users watched an electoral accident happen in real time. A Facebook page once upon a time, used to promote the QUB campaign to reaffiliate to NUS-USI in November 2012, suddenly changed the page name to ‘Vote Breaking ThruContinue reading “NUS-USI QUBSU Election Blooper”