Irresponsible wildfires threaten the fabric of NI’s nature scene

Deputy & Environmental Editor, Fleur Howe, reports on the detrimental and reckless gorse fires which damaged the Mourne Mountains and Cavehill

Fast Fashion is a Feminist Issue

Emma Kelly, Contributor. I was doing my daily scroll through Instagram yesterday when I happened upon a post by the account @theniftythrifter. The post was entitled, ‘Why the fast fashion industry is a feminist issue’. It got me thinking. I have always known that the fashion industry is detrimental to the environment, but I hadContinue reading “Fast Fashion is a Feminist Issue”

September 2019 Climate Strike

H. R. Gibs, Contributor. To see a crowd of people marching down Belfast’s Royal Avenue and for it to inspire any feelings of hopefulness is a new and welcome experience. On the opening day of Belfast’s Culture Weekend, an expected 300 students were to take to the streets for the Youth Strike for Climate Change.Continue reading “September 2019 Climate Strike”

The EV Question: Is vehicular electrification viable? (Part 1)

Ani May, Contributor. In part one of this two part series, contributor Ani May gives us the lowdown on the cost and performance of electric vehicles. Queen’s University and friends received celebrated environmentalist Jonathon Porritt earlier this month at the Clayton Hotel in Belfast. Discussing the future of environmental strategy in Northern Ireland, the receptionContinue reading “The EV Question: Is vehicular electrification viable? (Part 1)”