ARCHIVE: A Whimsical Withdrawal risks Northern Ireland

ARCHIVE: Abbey Wallace reports on the consequences a whimsical Brexit deal could have on Northern Ireland.

Going…Going…Gone from the EU

Peter Donnelly, Opinions Editor. The United Kingdom has brought down the proverbial curtain upon its 47- year old relationship with the European Union. Despite the incessant expression of commiserations, the UK-EU journey has been one strewn with difficulty, squabbling and general unease. Successive Conservative Prime Ministers have seen their careers tarnished by the eternal strifeContinue reading “Going…Going…Gone from the EU”

What’s Worse – A Yes Win for Cameron or a No Win for Farage?

Look above the cacophony of nonsense about the implications this referendum has for the Tory Party. See beyond the fear-mongering prevalent across the media. Don’t allow yourself to be put off by the assortment of cretins on either side.