“Am I a joke to you?”: Joker Review

Sam Farrell, Arts & Entertainment Editor. Just as the song goes, “Clowns to the left of me / Jokers to the right” – it seems somewhat fitting for what film fanatics must be feeling as we are truly in the spooky season of October. Most of us have probably seen the highly anticipated IT ChapterContinue reading ““Am I a joke to you?”: Joker Review”

Film Review: Dallas Buyers Club (Voltage Pictures; 2013)

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ tells the story of Ron Woodruff, a cocky epicurean of a Texas cowboy who finds out early on in the script that he has 30 days to live, after being diagnosed with HIV. Following this news and a short spell on the dubious AZT drug that has been lucratively forwarded by largeContinue reading “Film Review: Dallas Buyers Club (Voltage Pictures; 2013)”

Film Review: Philomena (Pathe & BBC Films; 2013)

BY PETER MCGORAN Based on a heart-breaking true story about Philomena Lee – a woman who was forced work in a convent in southern Ireland and made to give up her four year old son for adoption by the nuns who ran it – this movie brings together the unlikely pairing of Judi Dench (asContinue reading “Film Review: Philomena (Pathe & BBC Films; 2013)”

Film Review: Captain Phillips (Columbia Pcitures; 2013)

BY MICHAEL MCALINDEN   Some people are saying this is Tom Hanks’ return to form. I’m not sure if he ever left it behind, but regardless, he is well and truly on form in Captain Phillips. Despite certain objections from the actual crew of the ship regarding the facts as they are put down inContinue reading “Film Review: Captain Phillips (Columbia Pcitures; 2013)”