Incredible Aesthetics and Gorgeous Costumes: Emma. Review

Maria McQuillan, Contributor. Emma. Is a worthy addition to the current roster of Austen adaptions. I’ll admit, that when I went in to see the film, I was sceptical as to how much I would enjoy it, considering how much I love the 2009 BBC adaptation of Emma, but I was more than pleasantly surprised.Continue reading “Incredible Aesthetics and Gorgeous Costumes: Emma. Review”

Theatre Review: Pride and Prejudice – The Musical at the Lyric Theatre

BY PETER MCGORAN Richard Croxford and Mark Dougherty’s take on one of the most well known and cherished novels in the English language is both ambitious and richly entertaining. And coming in at just over 3 hours in length, it’s a good thing too. From the beginning right up to the final scene, the musicalContinue reading “Theatre Review: Pride and Prejudice – The Musical at the Lyric Theatre”