Newly Established Electronic Music Society Seeks to Train Aspiring DJs

BY JOE GILSON A new society has started up with the hope of bringing Queen’s students into the wonderful world of electronic music. The EMS (Electronic Music Society) will cater to those of beat-centric minds and aspirations of DJing in their hearts. Founded recently by Sonic Arts student and electronic music enthusiast, Sydney Bull, theContinue reading “Newly Established Electronic Music Society Seeks to Train Aspiring DJs”

Gig Review: Drenge at Limelight 2 (25/10/13)

BY JOE GILSON   Drenge look like a band that should be playing to 25 people but they sure as hell don’t sound like it. They’re peeved at the turn out. Maybe they should be. Bands who play to small audiences sometimes take it out on the few that have come. Die-hard fans. Thankfully DrengeContinue reading “Gig Review: Drenge at Limelight 2 (25/10/13)”