Editorial, Friday 14th November 2014

Fresher’s Fortnight is a distant memory of too much alcohol and regret, the loan is waning, deadlines are looming and the days are getting rapidly chillier and darker. With the initial excitement of seeing friends and of spending Monday nights in Connected wearing thin, many of us are nostalgically looking back to days of summerContinue reading “Editorial, Friday 14th November 2014”

The Pleasures of A (Virtual) Massacre

BY KYLIE NOBLE Mark Zuckerberg (or his ‘people’) describe Facebook as ‘a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.’ However, I find that Facebook is much more likely to make you hate your ‘friends’ than help forge stronger connections. One major problem with Facebook is thatContinue reading “The Pleasures of A (Virtual) Massacre”