Album Review: Bad Religion – Christmas Songs

BY LAURA SHIELDS Love Christmas but are too punk rock for the festive tunes that fill the air leading up to December 25th? Want to get in the Christmas mood but don’t want to listen to some kid sing “Little Drummer Boy” in operatic tones? Well then, you’re in luck! Bad Religion’s “Christmas Songs” isContinue reading “Album Review: Bad Religion – Christmas Songs”

Concert Review: The Darkness at Limelight 1, Belfast (23/11/2013)

BY LAURA SHIELDS Following an indefinite hiatus in 2006, The Darkness reformed in 2011 and released Hot Cakes, their newest album to date. But rather than play this new material, the band announced they would be playing their classic debut album Permission to Land (2003) in its entirety on this tour. Before all that though,Continue reading “Concert Review: The Darkness at Limelight 1, Belfast (23/11/2013)”