Conert Review: Lawson at The Ulster Hall (20/10/13)

BY PETER MCGORAN I was warned by Lawson’s Joel Peat in an earlier interview not to write the band off as just another boyband and to come, instead, and see them live before making any judgments. So that’s exactly what I did.  The background music dies down and the crowd looks expectantly at the massiveContinue reading “Conert Review: Lawson at The Ulster Hall (20/10/13)”

An Interview with Lawson’s Joel Peat

BY PETER MCGORAN They’ve played sold out shows all over the UK and now, having just toured America, Lawson are coming to Belfast. Joined by Room 94 and Paighton, Lawson play at the Ulster Hall on the 20th of October. Committed to their live performance, it’s a show not to be missed. The Gown spokeContinue reading “An Interview with Lawson’s Joel Peat”

Gown About Town

BY PETER MCGORAN We know how you’re feeling. You probably had the best summer of your life. You went to all manner of exotic places and had incredible experiences and the idea of going back to the grind of university seems repellent. But don’t despair, Belfast isn’t that bad. In fact, the list of waysContinue reading “Gown About Town”