Autumnal attire: the staples

By Erin Harris, Contributor Winter is just around the corner and so are the dark nights, gingerbread lattes and of course the cosy clothes! This autumn/winter season is mainly focused on neutrals and textures, with favourites amongst the shops being faux fur jackets, teddy and cocoon coats. The camel teddy coat is a particularly gorgeous option for youContinue reading “Autumnal attire: the staples”

Upcoming Events in Belfast

BY PETER MCLOUGHLIN penis growth guide Here's a brief overview of what's coming up in Belfast for your enjoyment over the holiday period. If you’re hankering for some new music, you never have to go far.  You can check out my albums of the year here; and below this paragraph is a playlist I putContinue reading “Upcoming Events in Belfast”

Film Review: Life of Pi (20th Century Fox; 2012)

BY PETER MCLOUGHLIN Ang Lee’s latest film, Life of Pi, re-positions him as a film-maker of real significance. I haven’t read the novel – though the conclusion is precise enough to assume that the ultimate point of the novel is accurately conveyed – and I deliberately didn’t watch previews or read any of the hype.Continue reading “Film Review: Life of Pi (20th Century Fox; 2012)”