A Legacy of Honour: The Gown’s Reflection on John Hume’s passing, Issue 1

The Gown’s exclusive two-part feature on the life of John Hume, who died earlier in August, aged 83. His steadfastness in pursuing a peaceful settlement to Northern Ireland and the perpetual ills of the ‘Irish question’ changed the country’s political and social landscape for future generations.

The Pigeon Detectives to Release New Album “Broken Glances” with Accompanying UK Tour

Leeds indie rock group The Pigeon Detectives have returned once again with their stunning fifth record, Broken Glances, to be released on 24th February this year. As a hint at what is to come, the band have released the single “Lose Control”.

Ruthless Reaction to Kim Kardashian-West Robbery

By Olivia Rooney News broke earlier this month that socialite and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian-West, was robbed at gun-point in a luxury Paris residence in which she was staying for Paris Fashion Week. The mother of two young children had been snap-chatting her night out in Paris, where the festivities ended with snaps of her inContinue reading “Ruthless Reaction to Kim Kardashian-West Robbery”

Album Review: The Ramona Flowers- Part Time Spies (Distiller Records, 2016)

While it is true their debt to what has gone before is hard to ignore, it does the band a disservice to let the occasional dips into the generic override the innovative moments that fill this latest release.

Two Door Cinema Club are back with new single, ‘Bad Decisions’.

By Sarah Hughes, Contributor. Indie rock trio Two Door Cinema Club are releasing their new album, GAMESHOW, on October 14th. In anticipation of GAMESHOW, the Northern Irish band have taken a departure from the indie-rock sounds of their 2012 album Beacon and debut Tourist History to bring a Bowie-esque pop single ‘Bad Decisions’.  The song opensContinue reading “Two Door Cinema Club are back with new single, ‘Bad Decisions’.”