FEATURE: OPINION – “Jingle Bells, Our Government Smells”

Current Affairs Editor Sean Mulryan reports on the recent revelation that a Christmas party was held in Downing Street last year.

FEATURE: Strikes 2021: Why I Changed Sides

As the strikes-saga debate comes to a close, the Gown’s Political Editor, Luke Tinsley, offers his final arguments in favour of strike action.

OPINION: Queen’s University offers Statement on Strike Action: Where Do They Fit?

Editor-in-Chief, Aidan Lomas, focuses his thoughts on the proposed strike action and the role Queen’s University is playing in them.

OPINION: Hillary Clinton: The Contentious Chancellor

Garrett Byrne offers his thoughts on why the appointment of Chancellor Clinton last week is more controversial than some institutions are letting on.

Anti-Choice Film Unplanned Screened in NI

Emma Kelly, Contributor. Contributor Emma Kelly discusses the reaction to controversial film Unplanned in light of the pro-choice movement in NI. A landmark judgment was announced earlier today, in which Mrs Justice Siobhan Keegan ruled that the current Northern Ireland abortion laws were incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights as they did notContinue reading “Anti-Choice Film Unplanned Screened in NI”