INKPOT: God Made Me Homeschooled

Olivia Heggarty writes in this issue’s edition of the Gown Newspaper’s INKPOT: God Made Me Homeschooled.

Rosebud or He loves me, He loves me not (Poem)

Fiona Connor, Contributor. He loves me… I once was a beautiful rosebud. With budding petals and a growing stem. I loved to feel the sunshine and hated to see the moon. I grew tall and proud, and felt the Earth move beneath me. He loves me not… I saw you one day, on a lazyContinue reading “Rosebud or He loves me, He loves me not (Poem)”

Memory Lane (Poem)

Sinéad Leyden, Contributor. The familiar chant would sing ‘Mauno’s Frog Road’ as once we did see the landmarks we loved, so desperately. Year on year, on we did march upon Cratloe Woods – Kieran- Captain in Command, with bucketsful of tadpoles we would save from stagnant ponds… The treehouse, risky go-karts, the swings, even toContinue reading “Memory Lane (Poem)”