A Bilingual University: Interview with An Cumann Gaelach

Nicola Smyth, Features Editor. An Cumannn Gaelach is the third oldest society here at Queen’s University, having been established in 1906. Its long history has been marked by the changing policy of the university towards the Irish speakers’ society, which is currently under review, as An Cumman Gaelach wait for the university’s decision on theContinue reading “A Bilingual University: Interview with An Cumann Gaelach”

Anti-Choice Film Unplanned Screened in NI

Emma Kelly, Contributor. Contributor Emma Kelly discusses the reaction to controversial film Unplanned in light of the pro-choice movement in NI. A landmark judgment was announced earlier today, in which Mrs Justice Siobhan Keegan ruled that the current Northern Ireland abortion laws were incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights as they did notContinue reading “Anti-Choice Film Unplanned Screened in NI”

September 2019 Climate Strike

H. R. Gibs, Contributor. To see a crowd of people marching down Belfast’s Royal Avenue and for it to inspire any feelings of hopefulness is a new and welcome experience. On the opening day of Belfast’s Culture Weekend, an expected 300 students were to take to the streets for the Youth Strike for Climate Change.Continue reading “September 2019 Climate Strike”