Review of Emily (2022) Movie

Jorja Connolly reviews the new film “Emily”, which is now screening at the QFT

Gown About Town

BY PETER MCGORAN We know how you’re feeling. You probably had the best summer of your life. You went to all manner of exotic places and had incredible experiences and the idea of going back to the grind of university seems repellent. But don’t despair, Belfast isn’t that bad. In fact, the list of waysContinue reading “Gown About Town”

Arts Feature: Preview of the Belfast Film Festival

By MATTHEW LAW The always hotly anticipated Belfast Film Festival is nearly upon us. Between the 11th and 21st of April, film fans will be out in their droves to view the delectable assortment of cinematic treats that BFF have on show this year. Showcasing 26 feature films, 19 documentaries, 52 shorts, and countless otherContinue reading “Arts Feature: Preview of the Belfast Film Festival”

Film of the Month: Stoker (Fox; 2013)

BY STEVEN ARMOUR In the opening scenes of Stoker we see a young girl, carefree, frolicking through a lush woodland area in search of something – something she will not find until the end of her very unconventional coming-of-age journey in this perverse tale the Brothers Grimm would be proud to have concocted.  Outsider India’sContinue reading “Film of the Month: Stoker (Fox; 2013)”