QUBSU have announced a proposed referendum on whether or not the Union should support the proposed strike action at the end of this calendar year.

Students’ Unions Questions: What Do Northern Ireland’s Students’ Representatives Have To Say?

Editor-in-Chief, Aidan Lomas, reports on the lack of leadership from QUBSU and UUSU in the run up to strike action balloting this month.

The Upcoming Strike Ballots: A Necessary Discussion

By commission of the Editor-in-Chief, Current Affairs Editor, Sean Mulryan, offers another perspective with regard to the upcoming strike action balloting.

Climate Emergency: SU Votes for Carbon-Neutral Campus

Conor Reid, Contributor. Last Monday, Queen’s University’s Students’ Union held a council meeting and passed a motion to enact a Climate Emergency. This motion signifies a commitment on behalf of QUBSU to work towards the university achieving a ‘net-zero’ result in its carbon emissions, in all of its activities, by the year 2030. To meetContinue reading “Climate Emergency: SU Votes for Carbon-Neutral Campus”

Motion for Palestinian solidarity just passes with VP Education Hannah Niblock dissociating

By Liam Cassidy, @cashdee News editor  At a recent meeting, Student Council passed a motion that mandates lobbying the University to establish a scholarship programme for Palestinian students and twin with a Palestinian higher education (HE) institution. The motion was the subject of extended debate at Council on Monday 27th April, only passing by aContinue reading “Motion for Palestinian solidarity just passes with VP Education Hannah Niblock dissociating”