First-time Contributor, Murchana Kaushik, in her own sensitive style, dissects the wars within the war continuing between Russia and Ukraine.

“The underlying idea reflected in all of these is the dichotomy of “us versus them”. Who is considered superior juxtaposed against those deemed inferior”

OPINION; Russia and Ukraine: Are We Heading to Nuclear War?

International Affairs Editor, Eleanor Fletcher, discusses whether recent escalated tensions by Russia in Ukraine represents the start of World War III

Putin: a man on a mission which could bring Russia to the ground

by Ethan McLaughlin, contributor The Gown takes a look at how Putin’s political tactics are impacting Russia and the rest of the world The recent decision by Putin to leave the G20 summit in Australia to “catch up on some sleep,” is the latest example of how little Putin is prepared to deal with theContinue reading “Putin: a man on a mission which could bring Russia to the ground”