Going…Going…Gone from the EU

Peter Donnelly, Opinions Editor. The United Kingdom has brought down the proverbial curtain upon its 47- year old relationship with the European Union. Despite the incessant expression of commiserations, the UK-EU journey has been one strewn with difficulty, squabbling and general unease. Successive Conservative Prime Ministers have seen their careers tarnished by the eternal strifeContinue reading “Going…Going…Gone from the EU”

Return to Stormont a Reminder that NI Needs Constant Nurturing

Peter Donnelly, Opinions Editor. It was a surprising development when Secretary of State Julian Smith and Tánaiste Simon Coveney briefed an eager assembly of journalists at the foot of Stormont last Thursday to announce that a deal had been reached for the proposed return to devolution in Northern Ireland. In the firm grip of bothContinue reading “Return to Stormont a Reminder that NI Needs Constant Nurturing”

Welcome to the 21st Century: How the Collapse of Stormont Paved the Way for Change

Jessica-Neve Smyth, Inkpot Editor. At midnight on the 21st October 2019, history was made in Northern Ireland. The move to decriminalise abortion and legalise same-sex marriage took place as a result of the failure to restore NI Assembly at Stormont. There have been cries of praise as the country has stepped out of the ‘darkContinue reading “Welcome to the 21st Century: How the Collapse of Stormont Paved the Way for Change”

Let’s make it work

By Connor Daly, contributor After the international plaudits and local prosperity that followed the 1998 peace agreement, division, tension and stalemate have typified the political set-up at Stormont, as manifested in the failure of last year’s inter-party talks with US diplomat Richard Haass, deadlock over welfare reform and more recently the requested Treasury bail-out. EveryContinue reading “Let’s make it work”