Arsenal’s off-field carnage has once more failed to address their on-field defensive chaos.

Rory Morrow examines Arsenal’s lineup and the need for new talent at the North London club.

An Interview with…Sam Lockwood from The Jezabels

  QUESTIONS BY ANNA CAFOLLA The Gown met with Samuel Lockwood, the guitarist of Australian “intensindie” band, The Jezabels– who are setting off on a UK/Ireland tour and releasing their second album, The Brink. When do you set off on tour? We are just about to start touring at the minute, we’ve got two moreContinue reading “An Interview with…Sam Lockwood from The Jezabels”

An Interview with…George Ezra

QUESTIONS BY PETER MCGORAN Currently in the middle of his first UK & Ireland tour, The Gown caught up with George Ezra to talk abut musical influences, song-writing techniques and his long awaited debut album. Hi George, good to have you here. You’re about half way through your UK & Ireland tour at the moment.Continue reading “An Interview with…George Ezra”

Newly Established Electronic Music Society Seeks to Train Aspiring DJs

BY JOE GILSON A new society has started up with the hope of bringing Queen’s students into the wonderful world of electronic music. The EMS (Electronic Music Society) will cater to those of beat-centric minds and aspirations of DJing in their hearts. Founded recently by Sonic Arts student and electronic music enthusiast, Sydney Bull, theContinue reading “Newly Established Electronic Music Society Seeks to Train Aspiring DJs”

Morgan MacIntyre: ‘Dancing Down Ravenhill’ EP Launch at the Empire (03/01/14)

BY PETER MCGORAN With the release of her debut EP ‘Dancing Down Ravenhill’ cementing years of work and showcasing her extraordinary versatility as a singer, Morgan MacIntyre is slowly but surely emerging as one of Belfast’s most promising artists. Her EP launch in the wonderfully ornate Music Hall at the Empire brings together a growingContinue reading “Morgan MacIntyre: ‘Dancing Down Ravenhill’ EP Launch at the Empire (03/01/14)”