Concert Preview: The National at the Odyssey Arena (09/11/13)

American indie rock band formed in Cincinnati,The National will perform at Odyssey Arena this November. They’ve been described as “dark, melancholic and difficult to interpret” (Cheng, Cheryl. Interview with Matt Berninger) but, far from being dull and brooding, The National have received widespread acclaim for both their albums and their live performances. The National studio album Trouble WillContinue reading “Concert Preview: The National at the Odyssey Arena (09/11/13)”

An Interview with… Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer

BY TARA McEVOY   Bursting onto the indie-rock scene in 2010 with the universally acclaimed debut album Gorilla Manor, Local Natives have quickly established themselves as one of the best bands to hail from the US in recent times, cementing this reputation with this year’s Hummingbird – a sophomore offering boasting a more mature soundContinue reading “An Interview with… Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer”