Theatre Review: ‘Forget Turkey’ at the Lyric Threatre

BY NIALL COLEMAN For most people in Northern Ireland, 2013 has been a year that we very much like to brush under the metaphorical carpet. The removal of ‘the fleg’ at Belfast City Hall, farcical bickering in Stormont Castle and the on-going “civil rights” campaign at the Twaddell Avenue camp have certainly not left journalistsContinue reading “Theatre Review: ‘Forget Turkey’ at the Lyric Threatre”

Theatre Review: ‘Brendan at the Chelsea’ at the Lyric Theatre

BY PETER MCGORAN Fresh from it’s run in New York, Janet Behan’s Brendan at the Chelsea is a wonder to behold. Every aspect of this beautifully written and carefully staged play serves to flesh out one of the most complex and baffling characters in recent Irish history. Set in the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan, theContinue reading “Theatre Review: ‘Brendan at the Chelsea’ at the Lyric Theatre”

Theatre Review: ‘Calamity Jane’ at the Grand Opera House

By PETER McLOUGHLIN Calamity Jane, at the Grand Opera House, is a musical production from the New Lyric Operatic Company.  It is set in the legendary town of Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The production is a light-hearted song-and-dance comedy, led by ballsy heroine Calamity Jane (Ciara Mackey). All the markers of aContinue reading “Theatre Review: ‘Calamity Jane’ at the Grand Opera House”

Theatre Review: ‘Dickens at the Ulster Hall’ at the Lyric Theatre

BY TARA McEVOY  Upon Charles Dickens’ 1869 performance at Belfast’s Ulster Hall, Frank Finlay (then editor of the city’s Northern Whig), wrote that in addition to being a remarkable author, Dickens was also a truly ‘great actor’. Fortunately, the same couldn’t be truer of the man tasked with playing the writer – Belfast-born playwright, scholarContinue reading “Theatre Review: ‘Dickens at the Ulster Hall’ at the Lyric Theatre”

Theatre Review: The Seafarer at the Lyric Theatre

BY JORDAN HANNAH The Lyric’s production of The Seafarer is a beautiful example of black comedy at its absolute best.  It is brilliantly anchored in McPherson’s talented writing, full of beautiful Irish idioms mixed with the strange poetry seen in lines like “you just know god’s in a fly, don’t you?” The rest of this production matches upContinue reading “Theatre Review: The Seafarer at the Lyric Theatre”