In Conversation with Snow Patrol’s Jonny Quinn

Kristen Sinclair, Editor. The Gown chats to Snow Patrol drummer Jonny Quinn about the band’s new Reworked album, sneaking in to the Mandela Hall and false claims on Wikipedia. Getting a thirteen-piece band together to rearrange twenty-five years’ worth of songs for a two-and-a-half-hour set is no mean feat. Incorporating strings, brass, slide guitar andContinue reading “In Conversation with Snow Patrol’s Jonny Quinn”

Exclusive: Jenn Bostic – The Gown Session & Interview

The frankly iridescent Jenn Bostic performed for The Gown at Ten Square Hotel, Belfast, on 3rd March 2013 We were also privileged to interview Jenn after the performance, which follows below.  Evidently she does take the weather with her.. [jwplayer config=”Custom Player 2″ mediaid=”3342″] Questions by Jonny Nicholl Jenn how are you? Doing great! How are you enjoying Ireland?Continue reading “Exclusive: Jenn Bostic – The Gown Session & Interview”

An Interview with… Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson

” I think that every man has some of the worst traits – the whole challenge of being a guy is suppressing those on a daily basis – you know, trying not to be that cunt.” Scott Hutchinson spoke to Peter McLoughlin ahead of the release of Frightened Rabbit’s excellent fourth album, Pedestrian Verse. P: WhenContinue reading “An Interview with… Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson”