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Election fever has hit and the usual miss mash of uninspired drivel have been revealed for the world to see! With nominations closing last Thursday the 2nd floor corridor was eerily quiet! No grand announcement of candidates, no hustle and bustle to get the reports of who’s standing for what and no sign of weeping sabbaticals realising they are on their way out! Did we actually even have an election on the cards? And then it began! As if on cue the #OccupyQUB team reunited to take over the Union! They didn’t even try to hide it…this was nothing more than a Fossil Free Reunion! With of course the token Law student thrown in there for good measure! Sure it wouldn’t be a feasible SU ticket without them!
On the other side of the field we have what can only be described as over enthusiastic doe eyed amateurs. With the eagerness of First Years from Fermanagh hitting The Bot for the first time, I can’t help but cringe at how 3 final year students can love this hovel of a Union so much!
With a surprising number of independent candidates emerging, 4 in total, it’s great to see a group of underdogs the anti-establishment crew can get behind. Though with the usual anti-establishment crew now suddenly lovers of our ticket system does this mean that the lone rangers are actually the careerists claim to care so much about you mangy students? I usually detest these careerist creatures so I’m not quite sure what to do with these conflicting emotions!
What is surprising of course is the obvious split in the current team of second floor in habitants. With this year’s VP Prim and Proper vying to replace Her Majesty of Education it would seem the Republican love child of a non-ticket ticket isn’t all rosy and sweet on the inside. Thought with the sweet sweet smell of unaccountability obviously tempting her next door to stop caring can we really be surprised at such divisions in the camp?
In the Welfare field we have the Independent Purple and Yellow team facing off against the Independent Purple and Yellow team…Original doesn’t seem so original now does it?
And finally we seem to have the spawn of the Cap’n himself, The Nefarious Calvin Black, throwing his hat in the ring for the all new Student Activities Role. A new face for a new role makes sense to me! I for one think he will do a spec-tacular job!
And there we have it! Not a damn thing exciting to report! 5 positions and 12 candidates. Welfare being the most contested with the current officer unexpectedly stepping aside…and there was me thinking the puppies were a way to win votes. And President uncontested…rewards given to those who figure out how they eliminated the competition. Most surprisingly, there is no sign of the Union royalty and her loyal subjects entering into election fever, though who’s to say they won’t resurrect good ol’ RON Campaign.
Now there’s nothing else left to do but to sit back and watch the panic ensue and remember to turn to me, your noble informer for a truly accurate and truthful election coverage. Now to get rid of them all so I can remain your ever faithful, ever lawful Union Overlord! #votehood


Published by The Gown Queen's University Belfast

The Gown has provided respected, quality and independent student journalism from Queen's University, Belfast since its 1955 foundation, by Dr. Richard Herman. Having had an illustrious line of journalists and writers for almost 70 years, that proud history is extremely important to us. The Gown is consistent in its quest to seek and develop the talents of aspiring student writers.

2 thoughts on “The Hood: Election Special

  1. An extremely vague article that does not address the real issues at stake, and the tactics being used by a number of the candidates. To a student that does not know this elite the article’s lack of names is exclusive, and the speculation and rumour-peddling makes this article less Hebdo more The Sun.

    We need a throwback to real investigative journalism that digs properly into these elections and makes sure we end up with a Students’ Union that will represent the complete student body. Not an elite group willing to stoop to the more nefarious forms of campaigning. Why promise things that cannot, or will not, be achieved? Is everyone actually endorsed by who they say they are? Perhaps something for The Hood to uncover.

    Although admirable, the Occupy QUB movement cannot be the only thing that allows our representatives to be chosen. We need an all inclusive union, one that fights for the rights of students not only in the lecture hall, but also on the sports fields and in the (too-few) Club Rooms. There are so many aspects of the student experience that need to be addressed, and it is important for us to find Student Officers that are willing to do this.

    We are at a time when questioning the ticket is essential. Is every member worthy just because they are endorsed by the others, or because you trust one of them? Have the officers attempting to return carried out all their previous duties successfully and ensured their promises were kept? We need to ensure all the issues that face students are addressed, not just those important in gaining that re-election vote.

    A key to gaining any vote is the manifesto, and this year the standard has not been acceptable. Lack of clarity, direction and innovation abounds. Candidates – make us want to vote for you. You are asking for our vote, give us something in return that is worth our trust. We are trusting you with a year of being the voice of 25,000 people after all.

    We appreciate and admire the ethos behind The Hood, and we hope to see you seeking out the truth for us in the future. Keep the hood up, but make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes.


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