Box Nightclub set to close after lengthy tenure in Belfast.

Box Nightclub set to close after eleven years of business. Photo Source: The Irish News. 

Oran Barr, Contributor. 

The club which opened its doors in 2006 closes amid plans of total refurbishment in the Odyssey Pavilion. These plans outline a complete revamp to the area which seek to modernise it for the first time in nearly two decades. This renovation includes the addition of a new climbing wall and bowling alley along with schemes to improve pre-existing features such as the cinema and lighting.

The unit that Box itself currently inhabits will likely be divided up to create new units for cafes and restaurants amongst other things, and will host its final event on July 1st.

A spokesperson for the nightclub confirmed through Facebook that this was indeed the end of “Box, as we know it”, adding that they plan to “cease nightclub operations in the Odyssey Pavilion as of Saturday 1st July” and describing it as “the end of an era.”

The general sentiment expressed by Box was one of triumph, claiming “[we] came for a good time and stayed a very long time… expecting us to last 4 years.. here we are close to 11 years later and what a journey its been!!

In 2006 We came we saw we conquered!!! 23,000sq feet, capacity of just under 1800 persons, over 2 floors with 7 Bars , 22 Tills , 120 staff, averaging 3500 customers every week … we changed the city’s clubbing landscape for good.”

They also reminded the public of their most successful functions by adding “[we] entertained and hosted parties for the worlds biggest music and sport stars.. from Rihanna not once but twice , Lady Gaga, One Direction (twice) to hosting Rory McIlroy’s 1st major win party, Carl Frampton bash, Tyson Fury shindig , Man Utd’s Giggs and Gary Neville to name drop but a few!

[We] could go on and on…but we have one huge final week of parties to plan… so we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the management, the bar staff, the djs, the cleaners , the door team, the suppliers, but most of all we would like to thank all of you… 2,000,000 customers through our doors is truly remarkable. lifetime of memories lifetime of friends.”

Box has certainly endured a popularity amongst students in Belfast, but regulars now have very little time left to attend the club before its final “tickets only” event.

The Odyssey have encouraged the public to provide them with as much feedback as possible on the proposed renovations to the Pavilion in order to ensure that the remodel is beneficial for both the stakeholders and consumers alike.

A Public Application Notice is now in place which offers a platform for locals to voice their opinions which will then be reviewed before any concrete plans are set.

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