Sunak is Prime Minister: What Next?

By Ellie Fletcher

Rishi Sunak has become Prime Minister but without a mandate from the country or his own party members the question remains can he unite both the Conservative Party and the country?

Sunak has made moves to unite the Conservative Party with his Cabinet.

With a mixture of moderates and ERG members of the party Sunak has arguably attempted to bring both, previously clashing, wings of the party together in an attempt to keep the infighting between both sides.

This is an important move in the current political climate because Sunak has to rebuild the economy.

Following Truss’ disastrous tax plan and mini budget the pound crashed and has made the cost of living crisis worst.

Sunak along with his Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, have to get their economic plan through Parliament.

In order to do this the Prime Minister (PM) needs the support of his colleagues within his party.

Another issue facing Sunak is the General Election in the next few years.

This is a problem for the PM because current polls say Labour will win.

Additionally, many eligible voters within the country are making calls for Sunak to hold a General Election.

They are calling for this because they believe the PM has no legitimate mandate.

Sunak became party leader after being the only candidate to gain the support of over 100 Conservative MPs.

This is a problem because in a democracy a Prime Minister was elected without a single vote taking place and the only other candidate, Penny Mordaunt, to publicly declare they were running dropping out of the race.

Overall, whilst Sunak has gained the keys to no.10 he has a hard political fight on his hands.


Published by The Gown Queen's University Belfast

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