When your Trousers Become a Nonessential Part of your Day

Photo: The Daily Bell

Ethan McLaughlin

This post originally featured on http://dealingwithtc.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/going-to-bed-knowing-things-are.html

So after getting through the family weekend, the day came to get my gp appointment. Thankfully my GP, which I was not registered to but was able to get seen as a temporary patient, was great. After having a look the testicle, he thought it might just be the trauma that I had been hoping for. That was the first of many times I went natural below the waist.

But again thanks to firstly the fact I live in the UK, but also because I live in one of the best cities for health care a person could ask for, he called to get an appointment sorted with a specialist.

So leaving the practise, trying to stay focused on the fact if a GP thinks it’s just trauma, it probably is. I thankfully only had to wait a couple of hours, before I got the call to head into the Queens Elisabeth Hospital to get checked out at ward 302.

I was feeling relatively okay until I actually got to ward 302 only to discover that I was being seen in the surgical assignments unit, and It was a secure unit. There is nothing like actually seeing the word surgery, to put the fear of god into you. So I entered the ward at around 12 oclock with a lot of podcasts, a power pack and praising a higher power for the free wifi, but cursing myself for the fact I forgot to grab lunch as I was not able to eat or drink until I left.

So after getting seen for blood and saliva tests by the nurse and having a cool wrist band the waiting game began. After about an hour maybe I was seen by lovely doctor who after again checking out my testicle seemed to agree with the trauma injury idea I was hoping for. One of the weirdest experiences of that whole day was the fact I was getting so used to go naked from the waist down, I was starting to get a good technique going.

After about another 2 hour I got sent down to have an ultra sound. And you guessed it going naked from the waist down. So whilst having cold jelly rubbed around my testicle with some pieces of equipment for lack of a better word, the ultra sound person again seemed to support my idea of trauma.

So you can probably tell by this point, that I was feeling pretty positive I had been seem by people and they seemed to be following a similar line. But most importantly no one had mentioned the C word. I unfortunately made the mistake of calling and texting my parents and my girlfriend with the positive vibes I seemed to be getting.

Then it came. This time I went in with this time the senior urologist, as well as two doctors and a nurse. After you guessed it getting my bits out again, the news came. So I was having surgery on Friday I was getting seen by the specialist who would do the surgery tomorrow.

So next I will talk about actually dealing with and accepting the C word, as well as getting ready to lose a part of me. My right testicle.

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