Film Review : Lawless (2012)

QFT film of the week Lawless – Filmnation Entertainment – 2012   By Peter McLoughlin @PeterGownArts I’m tempted to use the word ‘flawless’, but that’s a bit of a tawdry rhyme, and also ever-so-slightly inaccurate.  There are a few minor flaws, but over-all Lawless is a superb film. The film centres around three brothers living inContinue reading “Film Review : Lawless (2012)”

Film Review : Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

BY PETER MCLOUGHLIN The Dark Knight Rises is a typical disaster film in many ways: the screen-play is clichéd and bland; the plot is a bizarre pit of thrown together ideas (reference intended), and melodrama is heaped on in great graceless loads.  Also, like a typical disaster film, it looks great – at times perfectlyContinue reading “Film Review : Batman – The Dark Knight Rises”